News 2000  


  Solo Exhibition at Portalen  
  8. January ` 27. February at Portalen in Greve Denmark. This was my second solo show after I moved to Denmark. People were so happy to see my work and people who live near Portalen really wanted Portalen to keep one of my big works that I made for this exhibition especially for this space. So, Portalen cooperated with the city and other sponsors, and they bought my work as a landmark of this town. It was a great pleasure for me that they decided to keep my work. For example, in Japan, it is quite difficult to keep my work as a permanent collection, because my work is made of paper. I appreciate very much the people who are working and living near Portalen, and the Kunstforening (art society) there.  
  TV Lorry introduced my exhibition  
  During my solo exhibitiojn at Portalen, TV Lorry interviewed me and broadcast it in their News program. It was a great experience to say something about my work on the News. After that, more people visited my exhibition, and set a new record for the number of people to visit an exhibition there before.  
  Solo Exhibition at Roundtower  
  5. August ` 27. August, at Roundtower Copenhagen. Roundtower is located just in the center of Copenhagen and lots of people visit there. It is a famous tourisit spot where people can walk up to the top of the tower and to see the panorama of the city. It was a big chance to show my work to many people. Actually almost 50,000 people visited during my exhibition. During the exhibition, they also had some concerts as well.