News 2001  


  denmark@world at Frederiks Bastion  
  6. October ` 18. Novenber, at Frederiks Bastion in Copenhagen Denmark. This was a group exhibition together with Parul Modha (from India) and Khaled Ramadan (from Lebanon), planned by Frederiks Bastion. All 3 of us are living in Denmark. We came to Denmark with our own culture, but we also respect the culture in Denmark and we have global thought. Our work is not just "ethnic", so they respect our work as living foreign artists in Denmark.  
  Solo Exhibition at Kunstsalen in Fredericia  
  2. November ` 25. November, at Kunstsalen in Fredericia Denmark. This was the first time I show my work in Jytland. It was not such a big space, but the people from Fredericia kunstforening (art society) were very nice, so I could enjoy working together with them. It was also quite nice that my husbands family who live in Jutland could come and see my work.  
  Lecture in Japan  
  In the spring, I went back to Japan, and I had lectures at Seian College of Art and Design, Kawashima Textile School and Seian University of Art and Design. I hadn't had a lecture for 4 years in Japan, so I could talk about many things not only regarding my works, but also how is life in Denmark and so on. The students seemed so interested in how I work in a foreign country as an artists.