News 2002  


  Solo Exhibition at Kulturhus in Farum  
  9. March ` 14. April, at Kulturhuset in Farum Denmark. I often have my exhibition at the culture house in Denmark. That really fits my work, because my work is not such complicated conceptual work. So people like my work, not only adults but also the children. During this exhibition, I talked to the children from school at an excursion trip from Copenhagen. It was a really enjoyable experience to talk about my work to the children.  
  Holland Paper Biennial 2002  
  15. June ` 8. Sep at Museum Rijswijk, Holland. It was the first time to show my work in Holland. I enjoyed very much to work together with the museum's people. I never forget that the curator of this museum said " Paper is the strong material". It encouraged me very much. Because sometimes people have a preconception that the paper is easy to burn or weak or so. That's why people hesitate to buy the art work made with paper, beacuse they believe it won't keep the good shape so long. But actually, "Paper is strong". So I love her words.  
  Soft Sculpture from the East - Japanese sense of Beauty  
  10. August ` 6. October, at Portalen in Greve Denmark. I planned this exhibition together with Portalen and we invited 3 other Japanese artists. All 4 artists exhibited their 3 dimensional works with soft material like cloth and paper. We presented softness in the human mind to the viewers. At the opening, the Japanese Ambassodor to Denmark Shohei Naito made a really warm speech for us. We also had a seminar about the traditional and modern Japanese textile art at the Kunstindustrimuseum in Copenhagen. All 4 of us took part in this seminar. It was a really hot summer in 2002, so we didn't get so much audience though, but the people who came were so interested in Japanese textile art, so I got another opportunity to have a lecture about the same theme later this exhibition.  
  White Gift from Wintry Sky at Gallery a in Kyoto
  This is the first Y3 Exhibition. Named "Y3" because it comes from initial character of our names: Yuko, Yukiko and Yoko. We graduated from the same University at same age, but our specialties are different. Yuko majored in textile, Yukiko majored in Design and Yoko is a Painter. But somehow we have the same kind of feeling when we create our works. That is maybe to feel comfortable or calm. We decided to continue our activities as Y3 Exhibition in the future as well.