News 2003  


  Solo Exhibition at Galleri 99/03  

25. April ` 23. May, at Galleri 99/03 in Okayama Japan. I haven't had my solo exhibition for 4 years in Japan, so I was excitted. This gallery is run by Prof. Tetsuo Kusama who is one of the famous Japanese textile artists. I used to work (teach) together with him at Seian College of Art and Design. Now he is a professor of Okayama Prefectural University. So, I also gave a lecture to his students before the exhibition. To communicate with Japanese young students made me have a really fresh feeling. This gallery is located on the mountainside, so that means we can't expect too many people to visit this gallery. But on the other hand, it is also worth to show my work in the situation like that only to people who really want to see the exhibition. More than anything else, it was very nice that the gallery is located in a beautiful environment.

  Paper Art Exhibition  
  15. June ` 17. August, at Den Lille Kunstsal in Fredericia Denmark. This was a group exhibition together with 4 other Danish paper artists. It was a pleasure to join this exhibition among the Danish paper artists, for ex. Jane Balsgaard. This was the second time to show my work in Fredericia in Jutland.  
Jane Balsgaard    
  gGetting the Fir Treeh (Gallery Okumura/ Tokyo, Space R/ Ashiya  
  4. December ` 7. December, at Gallery OKUMURA in Tokyo and 13. December ` 23. December, at Gallery R (Space R) in Ashiya. This was a group exhibition by Y3 (Yuko, Yukiko and Yoko). So it was Y3 Exhibition Vol. 2.