News 2004  


  Solo Exhibition at Gl. Praestegaard  
  8. May ` 27. June, at Gl. Praestegaard in Birkeroed Denmark. The theme of this exhibition was " The colors of the Earth". I invited the Japanese Ambassodor to Denmark to open this exhibition, and Mr. Ambassodor Gotaro Ogawa made a speech for me. Mr & Mrs. Ambassodor enjoyed my exhibition.  
  Japanske Vinde  
  15. August ` 17. September, at Galleri SPOT in Frederiksvaerk, together with Yukiko Inoue and Yoko Inoue. I planned this exhibition with Galleri SPOT, and we got the funding from TOYOTA FONDEN. I and the other two artists graduated from the same university at same age. We had a workshop at the school during this exhibition, to introduce Japanese culture to Danish children. It was quite fun to do the work together with Danish children. This is the 3rd Y3 (Yuko, Yukiko and Yoko) Exhibition, but first one in Denmark.  
  Frederiksborg Amts Billedkunstpris 2004  
  4. November, I got the prize of artist of the year 2004 from Frederiksborg Amt (Prefecture). It was quite an honour to receive this kind of prize, especially as I am a foreiger in this country. I really appreciate the people who like my works and visit my exhibitions.