News 2005  


  Spring Light  
  19. March ` 8. May, at Munkeruphus together with Harumi Yahata from Japan. I planned this project with Munkeruphus, and we got some foundation from TOYOTA FONDEN and Frederiksborg Amts Billedkunstraad  
  5th International Triennial in Tournai  
  4. June ` 11. September, at Halle-aux-Draps, Tournai Belgium. My exhibition was a part of the 5th International Textile Triennial. Altogether 33 Japanese artists were involved in this project. And I had the solo show in the big exhibition space which has an approximately 11 meters high ceiling. It was quite hard and interesting work to hang up my work from such a high ceiling.  
  Contemporary Japanese and Danish Art and Craft  
  18. June ` 14. August, at Dronninglund Kunstcenter together with other Japanese and Danish artists. I was asked to select some Japanese artists by the curator of Dronninglund Kunstcenter, so I selected in all 8 artists to invite to this project.  
  Y3 vol.4 "IS" at Gallery a in Kyoto
  6. December ` 18. December, at Gallery a in Kyoto Japan. This is the 4th Y3 exhibition. "IS" means "Ice" in Danish. We represent our work with the theme of "IS". But even we represent such a cool theme, we want to find some warmth inside of the ice.