News 2011~2015


MY artist DVD released on 7th of July 2013.

You can buy it from here! (Only inside of Japan)


My works exhibited in the unique farmhouse venue "SHIKIORI" in Fukuoka. Makiko Hirabayashi Trio had a concert with my works on 13th of Dec, 2015. My works are showing until 26th of Dec.




My works exhibited in Garaman Hall in Okinawa. Makiko Hirabayashi School Concert on 11th, and Makiko Hirabayashi Trio in concert - Soft sculptures by YUKO TAKADA KELLER on 12th, and NOEL BILLINGSLEY SOLO CONCERT on 20th of Dec under my moon installation. My works are exhibiting until 21st of Dec.




Participate to the group exhibition "Farver - i en grå måned" at Mukeruphus, Dronnigmøle Denmark. The exhibition goes until 6th of December.




YUKO's solo exhibition"Love Workd - Dancing Chair in Greve" at Portalen in Greve, Denmark. From 3rd of Oct to 22nd of Nov.




The exhibition start from 23rd of May, until 28th of June 2015 at STUDIO HOUSE SERIKEI, in Tsuyazaki Fukuoka, Japan
You can see the animation movie here. xrL7rc6CvsU
Filming in cooperated with Miyajidake Shrine.




Completion ceremony of Mimihara Hospital in Osaka Sakai, Japan. Yuko's work "Expectation" installed as a permanent collection in the entrance hall of the hoapital.




Opening reception of my solo exhibition "Dancing Chair in Kyoto" at COHJU contemporary art in Kyoto, Japan. Exhibition is until 31st of Jan, 2015.




Opening reception of my solo exhibition "Dancing Chair in Okayama" at Gallery 99/14 in Okayama, Japan. Exhibition is until14th of June 2014.



Opening reception of "Fiber Futures - Japan's Textile Pioneers" at Gjethuset in Frederksærk, Denmark. Exhibition is until 2nd of March, 2014.
Yuko joined this exhibition as a guest artist with 30 other Japanese textile artists.



Opening reception of Two persons Exhibition "Pure Paper" at Gelleri Kirk in Aalborg, Denmark. Exhibition is until 21st of Sep, 2013.




Opening reception of my personal Exhibit at MI gallery in Osaka Japan. Exhibition was until 25th of July, 2013. The talkshow by Yuko and Kenta Oka was on the opening night. This exhibition is projected by ARTWORKS SALA.




My artist DVD " YUKO TAKAA KELLER Background Video - A beatiful world of Art- " has released.
People who live in EU and other countries can buy my DVD from here.
People who live in Japan can buy it from this link.



  07.07.13 DVD release event at "oikazeCUBE" Kyoto Japan. Connection with this, DVD launch exhibitio from 7h of July to 24th of July 2013.  


  from summer 2013 to summer 2015 "Ice Globe" is now keep installing at Bagsværd Church. in two years. You can see this work always there, until summer 2015.  


  12.05.13 Framd work Exhibition at Bagsværd Church. The Exhibition was until 23rd of June 2013.  



Collaboration concert with Makiko Hirabashi Torio at my perosonal Exhibition in Gjethuset, Frederiksværk.




Opening reception of my personal Exhibition at Gjethuset in Frederiksværk. Exhibition was until 13th of March, 2013. Every Wednesday, "Night Mighty" will open from 18:00~21:00.




  20.07.12 Opening reception of my personal exhibition at artworks SALA, Osaka Japan, from 20th of July to 31st of August 2012. Together with my work "Mini Globe", you can enjoy the short movie of my world. The Movie file is presented by Chika Mukai.  


  13.02.12 Opening ceremony of BVLGARI braidal fair collaborated with my work at Ginza, Tokyo Japan, from 11th of Feb to 25th of March 2012. Main work "Romantic Petal Gate" is showing on 3rd floor in BVLGARI GINZA TOWOR, and original work "Romantic Petal Veil" is showing in one of the display windows (Maronie side).
During this period, you can also see the multiple version which was inspired by my work displayed at other BVLGARI stores nationwide in Japan.


  05.07.11 "Yuko Takada Keller" Special Exhibition at CHOJU contemporary art in Kyot, Japan.Exhibition is until 17th of Sep 2011.  


  02.07.11 Exhibition "Wish Upon the Star" with Yoko Inoue at galleri månens compis in Kyot, Japan.Exhibition is until 18th of July 2011.