News 1997`1999  


  1997: Move to Denmark  
  The end of April 1997, I arrived at Karstrup Airport to start my new life in Denmark. I got married to a Danish man and in the end of this year, I gave birth to a boy. Many things have changed around me, but I like Denmark, and started to do my art activities as well. It was difficult to get the visa when I moved to Denmark, so one of the national newspapers interviewed us, about the situation and how difficult it was to get the permission for permanent residence in Denmark.  
  1998: Lecture at Kunstindustrimuseum  
  8. March, I had a slide lecture to the textile people at the Kunstindustrimuseum. This led to my first solo exhibition in Denmark. Paul Jensen who is also a textile artist recommended to Gjethuset to have my exhibition.  
  1988: My homepage introduced by a Newspaper
  In this period, people just started to have their own homepage, so it was still primitive design though, my homepage was picked up by a rather popular newspaper. I could feel I was here in Denmark and want to say I started to do my work!!
  1998: Commission work in Japan  
  In the end of the year 1997, a design office in Okayama asked me to join the competition of the art work for Hayashima Town Hall. Then I won the set, so the work would be there. There were some difficulties to communicate between Denmark and Japan, but we could make a good job, and the work I designed "Hammock Moon" is now in Hayashima Town Hall.  
  1998: "Imagination" at Belgium
  This was a Japanese textile exhibition in Belgium. The town where it was held, is a really local town called Poperinge, but many Japanese artists came to install their works. I also went there from Denmark by my old 2CV. It was an interesting experience to me.
  1999: Solo Exhibition at Gjethuset
  8. May ` 19. May, at Gjethuset in Frederiksvaerk Denmark. This was the first solo exhibition in Denmark since I moved here. I really appreciate Paul Jensen who took care of the arrangement. I made the record of visitors of this house with this exhibition, so I'm proud of that. I felt people liked my work very much and it was not neccesary to explain my work. So, I feel very good that even if I don't speak Danish, we can share the feeling through my work.